SG "Feather-Lite" 90 Degree HDMI Cable for Gimbal Use
SG "Feather-Lite" 90 Degree HDMI Cable for Gimbal Use
SG "Feather-Lite" 90 Degree HDMI Cable for Gimbal Use

SG "Feather-Lite" 90 Degree HDMI Cable for Gimbal Use

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HDMI cables are generally used to connect your camera to an external monitor that is either attached to your gimbal or stationed separately. However, most standard cables can cause complications when streamlining your setup for ease of use. 

This 90 degree micro HDMI male to standard HDMI male flex ribbon cable is a lightweight and simple solution for your DSLR/Mirrorless camera to external monitor setup. When routing cables onto your gimbal setup the common thinking is the less weight the better. The lighter the camera and accessories, the less stress on the gimbal motors and the better the performance. This goes for cables as well.
Unlike most common cables, ribbon cables are designed to have fast speeds and solid functionality while removing the insulation required by standard tube cabling. This makes for a very light connection that doesn't add additional strain on the gimbal's motor operations. Often when routing cables on a gimbal there is minimal room for standard HDMI cables to be routed and still ensure a solid connection. Also, tubed cabling when coiled or bent can also cause a loosened or complete disconnection from the camera while operating your gimbal.
The 90 degree HDMI connector is designed to make connections with your camera of choice easy while taking little space within the assembly. The ribbon cable flexes easily to match the most dynamic gimbal pans tilts and other movements. This is an essential buy to include to your rig. 

Product Specifications 
• 20 inches in length 
• Lightweight ribbon HDMI cable. 
• Micro HDMI 90 degree adapter(Male)to Standard HDMI(Male) 
• MINI C-1 to Standard A-1 male connectors 
• Strong anti-interference capacity. Gold plated pins; high-speed quality. 

90 degree HDMI cable is compatible with *most Sony, Panasonic & Canon DSLR's/Mirrorless Cameras. Some models included are Sony A7lll, A7S, A7Sll, A7Slll, A6300, A6500, Canon EOS-1D, EOS-5D, EOS-7D, EOS-50D, EOS-60D, EOS-500D, EOS-550D, EOS-600D, EOS-1100D and a variety of other model cameras.
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