FMJ V2 Gimbal Adapter & SG Magic Arm (Included)
FMJ V2 Gimbal Adapter & SG Magic Arm (Included)
FMJ V2 Gimbal Adapter & SG Magic Arm (Included)

FMJ V2 Gimbal Adapter & SG Magic Arm (Included)

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Compatible with: DJI Ronin-S, Zhiyun Crane 2, Crane Plus, Crane V1 & V2, Crane M, Smooth, Gudsen Moza Air, Moza Air 2, Aircross, FeiyuTech, Ikan, Evo, and Many More.


"just connect your monitor & HDMI and you are ready to film right out of the box"

Product Specifications

  • (14) Fourteen mounting locations.
  • Copper colored stainless steel locking nut now with a 3/8 & 1/4-20 female configuration for continued mini-tripod use. (adapter included)
  • SG Magic Arm Ball Head (included)


To achieve the smooth, fluid motion you expect out of your gimbal, you need a dependable rig. That means customizing your gimbal with all the tools you count on, whether they're microphones or monitors. Simply Gimbal's Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Handheld Gimbal Mount is a light and sturdy accessory that makes customizing your handheld pistol grip gimbal a cinch.

Compatible with popular models like the DJI Ronin-S and the Zhiyun Crane 2, the FMJ Gimbal Mount connects four mounting ports to your gimbal. These mounting locations are perfect for accessories like microphones and lights. Do you need to follow an interview subject around a crowded, unpredictable location? Hook a shotgun microphone into your FMJ Mount and you're good to go. Does your gimbal rig obscure the monitor on your camera? Just secure a monitor to the FMJ Mount and your problem is instantly solved.

Best of all, the FMJ Mount is designed to withstand even the toughest shooting conditions. Its stainless steel mounting screws secure your equipment onto a base of lightweight aerospace aluminum. The unibody design of the FMJ Gimbal Mount increases its strength, which means all of your valuable production equipment will stay firmly attached to your gimbal. You can even secure that gimbal safely to your arm with the FMJ Mount's military grade paracord wristband.

Because the FMJ Mount is constructed with lightweight aerospace aluminum, none of its strength or dependability come at the cost of mobility. This is a remarkably light piece of equipment, a boon to the filmmakers who operate their gimbals for hours and hours at a time. Whatever else goes haywire during your production, you can count on the FMJ Mount. Your gimbal is already a fantastic filmmaking tool, but the light and durable FMJ Mount gives it an instant upgrade.



The FMJ Handheld Gimbal Mount is designed to fit the diverse selection of gimbals used in today's video productions. It's compatible with the DJI Ronin-S, the Gudsen Moza Air and Aircross, and Zhiyun gimbals such as the Crane 2, the Crane Plus, the Crane V1 and V2, the Crane M, and the Smooth-Q. Because the FMJ Mount is specially designed for broad compatibility, it works with many more gimbals than just those listed above, including gimbals produced by FeiyuTech, Ikan, and Evo.

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